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Garden Tasks
Garden Tasks for
Cut back tired annuals and rejuvenate with water-soluble fertilizer.
Weed, water and fertilize as needed.
Deadhead to promote extended flowering.
Watch for signs of pests and diseases, especially spider mites.
Cut flowers early in the morning for longer-lasting arrangements.
Select best flowers for drying.
Begin planting winter-hardy plants such as pansies, ornamental cabbage, and kale.
Vegetables and Herbs Late plantings of sweet corn and winter squash reach their peak quality this month. Prepare frost protection for tender pumpkins, gourds, and squash late this month. Cover crops should also peak this month. Plant oats or rye. Pot up herb plants or start seeds for winter use and indoor growing. Patio and Container Plants Monitor plants daily for fertilizer, water and pests. Replace summer seasonal plants with fall bloomers such as pansies, mums, cabbage, and kale. Take cuttings of tender plants, such as geraniums, begonias, and impatiens, for  over-wintering indoors. Tree and Shrubs Check for insects and disease; spray to control. Water as needed. Plant woody ornamentals. Rake debris from shrub beds to eliminate over-wintering insect eggs. Roses Resume spraying with full-strength fungicides as needed as weather cools. Water as needed; fall is often dry. Tomatoes June-planted varieties should be a peak production, though ripening slows as temperatures fall. When a hard freeze threatens, harvest all fruit. Compost dead vegetation Pick greet tomatoes before frost. Loosely cover with newspaper and lace in paper bag.  Tomatoes will ripen in this dark condition. Perennials and Bulbs Transplant seedlings started in summer as space is available. Begin to divide and replant perennials that have begun to crowd each other, especially  bearded irises and daylilies. Plant new iris as soon as rhizomes are available. Weed, water and fertilize as needed. Watch for signs of pests and diseases. Continue to deadhead spent flowers. Select crocus, tulips, daffodils, and other spring bulbs for planting Buy them now for  best selection. Lawns Rake to remove thatch and weeds. Aerate if not done already or if soil seems hard and compacted. Apply " Greenview Winter Green 10-16-20 " fertilizer. Sow seed over thin or bare spots, making passes from different directions. Straw  prevents erosion. Keep moist until the seeds sprout and develop a root system. About Us Landscaping Garden Store Our Favorites Directions Monthly Tasks Employment Contact Us Home Spring Hours: Office & Landscape Design: Monday - Friday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Saturday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Sunday   11:00AM - 5:00PM 7319 Columbia Road Maineville, OH  45039  Main Office: 513.398.1008 Landscape Office: 513.398.1184