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Garden Tasks
Garden Tasks for
ut back tired annuals and rejuvenate with water-soluble fertilizer.
Weed, water, and fertilize as needed.
D eadhead to promote extended flowering.
Watch for signs of pests and diseases, especially spider mites.
ut flowers early in the morning for longer-lasting arrangements.
Vegetables and Herbs
Water as-needed and mulch the soil.
atch for beetles and disease.
ull and compost weeds.
Patio and Container Plants M onitor plants daily for water needs and pest control. A pply water-soluble fertilizer as needed for healthy vigor- usually every 2 to 4 weeks. Pinch back straggly plants and deadhead spent blooms to maintain neat appearance. Replace tired or stressed summer annuals with fall bloomers such as mums.
Tree and Shrubs
Avoid pruning or fertilizing spring- blooming shrubs; it may cause tender new growth to be subject to winter damage.
Water as-needed.
Perennials and Bulbs
D eep watering is essential this month.
Weed and fertilize as needed.
D eadhead to promote plant vigor.
Cut back unsightly perennial foliage.
Watch for signs of pests and diseases.
M aintain mowing and watering schedule.  Raise mower blade one-half inch. A ssess lawn condition for possible fall renovation.
Watch for signs of insect damage and fungus diseases; apply chemical controls as needed.
Tomatoes H arvest fruits as close to fully ripe as possible.  Eat or preserve right away. I f birds or other pests are damaging ripe fruit, pick earlier when blossom end turns pink  Early varieties will finish producing this month.  Compost fruitless plants.  Later plantings  will start ripening at the end of this month for another harvest. Check for blossom-end rot and remove infected fruits.  Prevent blossom-end rot by  maintaining even soil moisture. and allow fruit to ripen indoors.  Never refrigerate; an air-conditioned house, however, is ideal. Roses E ven if plants are still flowering, don’t fertilize after the first week of the month; it may  Continue deadheading spent blooms. Spray diluted fungicides as needed. Water weekly during hot weather; water roots and not the foliage. encourage tender new growth to be  subject to winter burn. H arvest crops as they mature; pick herbs before they flower for best flavor.  Use or  preserve right after harvest for best nutrition and taste. About Us Landscaping Garden Store Our Favorites Directions Monthly Tasks Employment Contact Us Home Spring Hours: Office & Landscape Design: Monday - Friday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Saturday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Sunday   11:00AM - 5:00PM 7319 Columbia Road Maineville, OH  45039  Main Office: 513.398.1008 Landscape Office: 513.398.1184