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Garden Tasks
Garden Tasks for
Annuals W eed, water, & fertilize as needed. D eadhead to promote extended flowering. Sow the seeds of cool-season plants for fall blooming. Watch for signs of pests and diseases, especially spider mites. C ut flowers early in the morning for longer-lasting arrangements. Vegetables and Herbs Cultivate lightly to control weeds. M ulch to conserve moisture. Water in the morning, using drip irrigation if possible. H arvest mature crops and young shoots from herbs.  Use or preserve as soon as possible
Patio and Container Plants
Monitor plants daily for water needs and pest control.
P inch back straggly plants and deadhead spent blooms to maintain neat appearance.
Tree and Shrubs
Apply plant starter or root stimulator to new plants.
Continue watering weekly as needed.
Apply granular fertilizer such as " Rosetone "
Watch for mildew, Japanese beetles, and aphids.  Spray as needed, diluting fungicides by 1/3 to prevent burning the foliage.
P rune old garden roses after they bloom.  Cut off failing, old canes on climbers and tie in
Water deeply during dry spells to maintain even moisture and reduce blossom-end rot and fruit cracking.
W atch for ripening fruit. heavy foliage can make ripe tomatoes hard to spot. C ontinue to prune, tie, train, or cage plants as needed.
Watch for diseases, particularly blight, on lower branches. Check for insects like hornworm caterpillars.
Perennials and Bulbs W eed, water, and fertilize as needed. D eadhead or cut back after flowering to promote plant vigor and possible re-bloom. Watch for signs of pests and diseases, especially spider mites. C heck for mildew on phlox and spray as directed. S ow seeds of perennials for fall or spring transplanting.
(before flowering) for best nutrition and taste.
Lawns Water as-needed.  if water is restricted, let the lawn enter summer dormancy; it will likely  recover when rains return. M inimize fertilizer use; nitrogen stimulation in hot weather makes turf more prone to disease. I ncrease mowing height by an extra ½ in. during hot, dry periods. C heck mower blade for sharpness; grass cut by a dull blade is susceptible to disease and  insect damage.
new ones.
C ontrol spider mites on junipers and other shrubs by spraying with an insecticidal soap  ". such as " Concern " or " Bonide Bon-Neem Miracle-Gro " to plants as needed for  A pply water-soluble or foliar fertilizer, such as " healthy vigor—usually 2 to 4 weeks. About Us Landscaping Garden Store Our Favorites Directions Monthly Tasks Employment Contact Us Home Spring Hours: Office & Landscape Design: Monday - Friday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Saturday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Sunday   11:00AM - 5:00PM 7319 Columbia Road Maineville, OH  45039  Main Office: 513.398.1008 Landscape Office: 513.398.1184