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Garden Tasks
Garden Tasks for
A Annuals Plant remaining annuals when danger of frost has passed. Weed, water, and fertilize with "Miracle Gro " as-needed. Watch for signs of pests and diseases. pply mulch around established plantings. ". Wee Vegetables and Herbs Plant hardy herbs.  Start basil inside. Continue succession plantings of fast-growing plants, such as cilantro. Thin seedlings in planting rows and eat thinnings as baby greens. Transplant seedlings of cucumbers, melons, squash, and peppers. Water with a high-phosphate fertilizer like " Tomato Tone d and water as-needed. Plant corn, beans, and pumpkins. A Patio and Container Plants Monitor plants daily for water needs and pest control. Pinch back straggly growth & deadhead. Replace spring bulbs with summer-blooming plants. Watch for signs of insects/diseases, discarding diseased plants and removing insects  by hand.  Use insecticides as a last resort. dd "Osmocote" slow-release fertilizer. Trees Apply "Tree Tone" fertilizer to blooming shrubs to encourage extra flowers. Prune tent caterpillar nests from trees and destroy nests. Prune suckers from bases of all trees. Prune water sprouts from crabapples and other small trees. Roses A pply granular complete fertilizer, such as " Rosetone ", to encourage extra flowers. W atch for mildew and aphids; spray with rose & garden insect spray as necessary. W ater weekly in dry weather, applying one inch of water and taking care not to wet foliage. P lant shallow-rooted annuals, like portulacas, as ‘living’ mulch in rose beds.
Keep seedlings short and stocky by providing high light intensity.
arm soil by applying plastic mulch to tomato beds.
ertilize with
"Miracle Gro"
Tomato Tone
Be prepared to protect from late frosts.  By month’s end weather risks should be minimal.
Perennials and Bulbs
pply mulch.
Water, weed, and fertilize with
"Plant Tone"
eadhead/cut back perennials after flowering to promote plant vigor and re-bloom.
Continue deadheading spent bulb plant blooms to prevent seed formation.  Do not cut foliage on bulbs; let dry out and yellow naturally.
Watch for signs of pests and diseases.
Lawns Fertilize with "Greenview 2-Way Weed & Feed" to stimulate growth and eliminate crabgrass and weeds. A pply a lawn weed killer for dandelions and other hard-to-kill weeds. Establish regular mowing schedule.  Never cut more than 1/3 of the blade of grass. Watch for signs of fungus and diseases. W atch for insect damage from cutworms, grubs, ants, and clover mites. E stablished lawns: give 1 inch water/week with one deep soaking if weather is dry. About Us Landscaping Garden Store Our Favorites Directions Monthly Tasks Employment Contact Us Home Spring Hours: Office & Landscape Design: Monday - Friday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Saturday   9:00AM - 5:00PM Sunday   11:00AM - 5:00PM 7319 Columbia Road Maineville, OH  45039  Main Office: 513.398.1008 Landscape Office: 513.398.1184