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Garden Tasks
Garden Tasks for
Continue preparing beds
Start seeds of fast-growing annuals indoors such as Zinnias and Marigolds
Sow seeds of hardy perennials outdoors, such as Cornflower and Larkspur
Apply pre-emergent herbicide, such as “
” to reduce spring germinating weeds.
Vegetables and Herbs
Plant cabbages, onions and leeks
Direct seed peas and continue succession plantings for lettuce, radishes and spinach
As soil warms, direct seed beets, carrots, turnips and other cool-season crops.
Cut back over-wintered sage and direct see or plant other herbs.
Patio and Container Plants
As the weather permits, place over-wintered containers and those started indoors outside
Sink empty pots into large planters to hold seasonal plants such as spring bulbs and summer annuals.
Fill gaps or replace winter plantings with those for spring and summer
Be prepared to protect tender plants from possible late frost; cover with a fabric material, not plastic.
Tree and Shrubs
Apply 2-3 inches of organic mulch around new and established plants
Prune young Azaleas, Wisteria, and Jasmine just after flowering to encourage compact growth. Remove dead and misshapen branches.
Apply a well balanced fertilizer, such as “1 0-10-10 Hollytone ” to evergreens with ” or “ Pinch off contorted new growth on pines to remove pine shoot moths. Roses Prune ever-blooming roses Plant container roses anytime until July Apply complete slow-release fertilizer, such as “ Osmocote ” to established roses Begin weekly sprays to control black spot and mildew Remove winter-killed wood from old garden roses but do not shape or thin at this time. Tomatoes Start main season varieties indoors now There are usually 4-6 weeks of unpredictable weather left before being transplanted outside Early seedlings sown indoors may need transplanting to individual pots Finish incorporation fertilizer, compost, over-wintered cover crops, or crop residues into the beds. Check and clean last years cages, trellises, stakes, etc. Perennials and Bulbs Complete soil preparation, division, and planting Weed, water and fertilize with “ 10-10-10 ” or “ Plant Tone ” as-needed Do not remove foliage from spring flowering bulbs until it has started to dry-out on its own Lawns De-thatch and aerate if not done earlier in spring or previous fall Apply “ Green Power ” or “ Preen for Lawns ” at the recommended rate Over-seed with a variety suitable for your area if not over-seeded last month Keep moist until seeds until seed sprout. Aver 4-6 weeks, treat as an established lawn. Apply pre-emergent herbicide “ Crabicide Green ” to established lawns.
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